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Uncover the meaning behind the name of our beautiful Calacatta Lincoln marble. This marble has a rich history that sets it apart from other marbles on the market.

The Meaning Behind Calacatta Lincoln

The history of marble dates back to, at least, 155 BC to the Apuan Alps, a territory near Tuscany, Italy known for the presence of a wide variety of marble veins. The first monument made of marble was created in Polvaccio, an area close to the Torano Basin within the Apuan Alps. The monument created was a gravestone over a base dedicated to Marco Marcello, the consul who finally defeated the Liguri-Apuani people, and it was found among the ruins of Luni. Thus, it can be said that the origins of marble mining and processing originated from the Apuan Alps. 

Colorado Stone Quarries was founded in 2011 by R.E.D. Graniti, a world leader in mining and marketing of stone worldwide based out of Carrara, Italy, which lies the heart of the Apuan Alps. Since 2011, R.E.D. Graniti began further establishing Colorado Stone Quarries and the historical Yule Marble Mine in Marble, Colorado, naming it The Pride of America Mine. 

During the first years of operation of The Pride of America Mine, our quarry team was operating the old, historic quarry only, which was historically named the “Washington” quarry. Colorado Stone Quarries’ first marble mined, Calacatta Golden, was given its name due to the close veining to historical Calacatta marbles from Carrara. The name Calacatta originally stems from, “Calacata” (one “t”), originating from a specific area in the Torono Basin of the Apuan Alps, Crestola. Crestola was an area where a specific type of veined Carrara marble has been quarried for centuries.  

Our quarry team soon opened their very own new portal at The Pride of America Mine. Our former General Manager, Daniele Treves, had the idea to name the new portal “Lincoln”, patriotically thematic with “Washington”. When our Sales Manager, Marco Pezzica, received the new marble blocks extracted by the Lincoln portal, he noticed the characteristics and veining were also strikingly similar to the historical and prestigious marble, Calacatta. Thus, naming our new material discovered in the Lincoln portal “Calacatta Lincoln” seemed natural for our team. 

The name Lincoln also holds historical significance for Yule Marble and the historical mine. Our very own Yule Marble was chosen to honor and supply the Lincoln Memorial, our most prestigious project to date completed in 1922. 

The name Calacatta Lincoln holds great importance, history and culture of both the history of Yule Marble and the historical mine, as well as the origination of marble and our founders themselves.