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How to Enhance Your Architectural Designs with Marble

Since the inception of marble, it has been one of nature's greatest aesthetics. From its rich colors to exquisite veining-marble can be found in many homes and businesses today for a touch that is both luxurious yet contemporary!

Marble has been known for centuries for its bold colors and elegant veining with fine grains and smooth textures allowing for a variety of finishes. Marble has been prized for its natural beauty and elegance and has been used in some of the most iconic buildings in the world, which still stand today.

There are many different materials to choose from when finishing countertops, tile flooring or creating stunning accents in your home, business, or commercial space. However, marble is the classic and timeless choice for architects and designers. The architect and designer community is beginning to shift their mindset from designing solely for beauty and function into designing and creating structures with longevity- that will last a lifetime.

How can architects and designers today enhance architectural designs with marble?

  1. Classic Marble Tile Flooring


    Marble wears well and naturally, aging even more beautifully with time. Marble flooring is a classic finish for homeowners that can last a lifetime when managed properly. Architects and designers choose marble flooring to create a luxurious appeal in homes and commercial spaces. With proper and regular sealing, it can last for years with minimal maintenance!

  2. Kitchen Countertops & Backsplash


    Beautiful white and grey marble countertops have long been coveted by homeowners. Marble is extremely durable and resistant to scratches, wear and tear. At Colorado Stone Quarries, utilizing the Soundstone technology to treat our marble products drastically improves the marble composition and strength itself, but also enhances the coloring and overall beauty of our marble - even more confidently guaranteeing the timeless classic, marble, will last a lifetime. Soundstone technology reduces the porosity of our marble, which has long been a concern when using marble to finish highly used countertops, such as in the kitchen. Our customers can now choose to finish their kitchens with the highly sought after marble countertops with confidence that the beauty will be maintained!

  3. Bathroom Finishes

    calacatta lincoln bathroom

    Marble adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. It can be used as an accent or used for full completion of the entire space! Marble tiles create stunning textures within showers and can even be used minimally to create a large luxurious appeal. Alternatively, marble tile can be used wall to wall to create a complete oasis of a bathroom!

  4. Commercial Buildings

    DSC_7066 CBRE-ParkD10.22.18-71-1920x1280 

    Using marble in your commercial space adds an air of sophistication and sleekness. Architects and designers continue to choose marble to finish commercial spaces to create a sense of luxury and classiness. The durability and beautiful natural wear of marble is attractive to and appreciated by architects and designers. Colorado Stone Quarries’ marble has been used to finish reception areas, reception desks, tile flooring, bathroom tile, wall cladding, countertops, pillars, accent pieces, etc. Options are endless when using marble add visual appeal to your commercial space.


    Our New Mosaic Program

    We are proud to introduce our new Mosaic Program! We offer a variety of subway, hexagon, and herringbone patterns as well as a variety of trim and fixture options. Our products add a stunning finish to homes, businesses and commercial spaces.Check out our new products here!