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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble Flooring


The variety of flooring options on the market today are substantial and fit just about any budget; yet marble still stands apart from the rest. Marble flooring provides a highly durable, eco-friendly, stunning finish to homes and commercial spaces that stands out from every other option on the market.

With all the advantages of marble flooring, however, marble does come at a higher cost. Below we have broken down the advantages and disadvantages of marble flooring:


Highly Durable

Marble is a metamorphosed Limestone that is composed of, generally, 99.5% pure calcium carbonate and 0.5% is a mix of other minerals. Marble is created when these elements are heated and compressed under pressure. At Colorado Stone Quarries, we utilize Soundstone technology that allows us to increase the mechanical strength and decrease porosity of marble. Our marble can withstand external pressure and is very suitable for high traffic areas- hotels, airports, restaurants, etc. 

Versatility and Variety

One of the greatest aspects of marble is the versatility and variety of finishes, colors and patterns that a customer can choose from. Marble varies from solid white to patterned in a variety of colors. The veining can appear subtle or very abstract and apparent. Customers can choose from a variety of finishes including: polished, honed, brushed, sand-blasted, bush-hammer. The variety and versatility of marble is one of the reasons customers choose marble over other competitive materials.

Unique Appearance

Marble is a natural stone that offers unique beauty and impurities in each finished product. The veining and coloring is natural, which creates the pristine beauty of the stone. No two slabs or tiles are exactly the same, which is the beauty in the inconsistency of the stone.

Eco-friendly material

As a natural product of the Earth, marble is more sustainable and eco-friendly than other materials. No chemicals are involved in manufacturing and production of marble. No volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are emitted directly from marble. Marble creates fewer kilograms of CO2 per ton than other materials.

Easy to clean

Simple care and maintenance preserves and prolongs the life of marble flooring. It is recommended to dust and mop floors frequently, to avoid damages from particles on the floor. Use mild detergent or stone soap. Using mats or area rugs on floors will minimize the sand, dirt and grit that may scratch stone floors.

Increased home value

The value of marble is priceless and is a timeless classic that has been sought after for centuries. The value and return on investment marble brings to a home or commercial space is extremely high!



More expensive than other flooring options

Marble flooring can come with a higher price tag compared to many other flooring materials. However, a well-maintained marble flooring is a lifetime investment.  

Unique & Inconsistent

The uniqueness and inconsistencies of marble are a beautiful advantage, however, for some these may be disadvantages. If damaged severely, a customer will not find the exact replacement.

Needs regular maintenance

No flooring is 100% indestructible. As all other flooring options do, marble needs to be maintained and properly cared for. Dust and debris should regularly be cleaned due to their abrasiveness.

Cold in the Winter

A personal preference- but marble tile can be cold in the winter!

Subjective Opinion to Wear and Tear

For centuries, people have and still love that marble ages more beautifully with time and appreciate the natural wear and tear. The durability of marble and variety of colors hides and accents wear well. However, the natural wear and tear is a personal preference.