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Soundstone: The Consolidation of Natural Stone

SoundStone 2

After many years of research, Pedrini, an Italian company specializing in machines for the processing of natural stone, patented the unique SoundStone technology and machinery with the intent of creating a process that consolidates and enhances the beauty of natural stone. Currently, there are very limited SoundStone machines in the entire world and we, Colorado Stone Quarries, are lucky to be one of the few!

Soundstone is a complete 100% impregnation process of stone that significantly improves material mechanical strength and drastically reduces material porosity. The final product is much harder, less porous and more durable.

The Soundstone process is as follows:


  1. Drying Process to bring stones to the proper temperature for impregnation.
    a) Stones that are fully dry enter directly into the process. Stones that have just been cut enter a ventilation-controlled chamber until they are dried to the proper temperature for impregnation.
  2. Pretreatment and positioning of semi-finished stones in the vacuum chamber
    a) Proper intensity and endurance provide for the extraction of gas, vapors and powders present into stone micro porosities (Pedrini)
  3. Fully impregnation of stone in the vacuum chamber using Potassium Silicate Solution developed and tailored for our specific type of marble composition
    The Potassium Silicate Solution used during the process acts as a:
    a) Water Repellent
    b) Consolidating Protector
    c) Anti-Efflorescence
  4. Residual Solution Recovery
  5. Curing Process
    a) Moved to controlled temperature in the curing chamber where the stones remain until they reach the appropriate soaker consolidation

The dynamic modulus of elasticity is measured before and after the treatment which has been proven to be 2-3 times higher after the Soundstone treatment process.

The Soundstone treatment process is effective, economical and eco-friendly: 


The modules of the consolidated stone have a 49.9% increase in mechanical strength and the dynamic modulus of elasticity in Soundstone treated stones is 2-3 times higher after treatment. 


SOUNDSTONE® works with minimum energy consumption and limited manpower.


SOUNDSTONE® does not contain resins or solvents, nor does it produce dangerous smoke for humans or the environment. The residual soaker is not dispersed, but it is recovered after each cycle and utilized in the next cycle.

Here at Colorado Stone Quarries, utilizing the Soundstone technology to treat our marble products drastically improves the confidence in our customers upon purchase and installation. Not only does it improve the marble composition and strength itself, but also enhances the coloring and overall beauty of our marble.